Health & Education

We aim to promote the health benefits of participating in sport and exercise, and use sport as a tool to engage people in education.

Ladies Only Outdoor Fitness
Buggy Boot Camp
Fitness Through Football
Fun Start Fitness
Work Experience

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Ladies Only Outdoor Fitness Session

With Broxburn United Sports Club 


If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, then our session is the place for you:

• Drop a clothes size?

• Get toned for summer?

• Improve my general fitness?

• Move around more freely?

• Understand my body better?



We hope to give like-minded people the motivation and enthusiasm by pushing each individual to their own limits, but all achieving similar goals in a fun and friendly environment.

It doesn’t matter your size, level of fitness, even if you have any fitness at all; we aim to create a fun fitness session based outside to enable everyone to meet their goals.

Join us Every Monday Evening 7-8pm @ The Albyn Park

Cost is £4 per session



Based on the same principles as the Ladies Only Class, we have a Men Only Class.

Join us Every Monday Evening 8-9pm @ The Albyn Park

Cost is £4 per session

Buggy Boot Camp

we are proud to introduce the Buggy Boot Camp.

Every Monday 10-11am,

To help new Mums (& Dads) take part in exercise with no childcare concerns as your child comes along too!

If you are hoping to

- fit back into those jeans,

- make new friends,

- improve your general fitness

Then we would love to welcome you to the Albyn Park.

Cost is £4 per session.

Fitness through Football

A popular Schools Programme delivered during curriculum time to the local cluster.

Working with P7 pupils, the aim, as the name suggests, is to help pupils become fitter using football skills to engage in a fitness programme. Delivered over an 8 week time frame, the syllabus includes fitness testing during week one, including the Bleep Test/T-Test, press ups and sit ups.

Pupils record their information, which is stored until the end of the block. Each week thereafter, pupils will receive football coaching, working on various skills and techniques, and also participate in homework tasks to improve fitness.

On the final week, the pupils are re-tested with the same initial tests, and Broxburn United Sports Club make the comparison, presenting the final results to the school. 

Fun Start Fitness

Fun Start Fitness is a school programme promoting health, sport and education.

The main session takes place over 5 weeks during curriculum time within the school, delivering key messages around health within a sporting context. Working with P3 pupils, the children are actively involved in a presentation covering: Childrens Mental Health, Importance of Water, Food Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Oral Health, then participate in a physical session, raising the heart rate and encouraging the pupils to ENCOURAGE their peers.

School sessions are free for schools.

The Community Fun Start Fitness Programme is aimed at having FUN, playing games using lots of energy and receiving key messages through the structured play.

We aim to help people become fitter, have fun and learn the importance of staying healthy.

When: Fun sessions take place each Friday afternoon

Where: At Strathbrock Community Centre:

Times: 2.30pm – 3.30pm (P1-3), 3.30 – 4.30pm (P4-7)

Visit Website for more info


Work Experience

In partnership with West Lothian Council, Broxburn Academy and West Lothian College

Broxburn United Sports Club can provide work experience opportunities for young adults who are interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry.

We can cover the following topics:

  • Sports Coaching

  • Football Apprenticeship

  • Grounds work

  • Sports Administration

Training and coach education will be provided for each group that operates within the club, delivered by BUSC qualified staff.