‘Broxburn United Sports Club aims to provide sporting and educational opportunities within our community to change lives for the better.’

Our Vision

In order to reach the aim, we strive to reach the following objective:

  1. To provide a home base for all member clubs of Broxburn United Sports Club to help them all deliver on their key club aims.
  2. To provide a facility which provides the development of sport from introduction to grass roots level to excellence and achievement on one site
  3. To provide a base to maintain the SFA Legacy Mark, ensuring the coaching needs are achieved within the Club at all age groups.
  4. To provide a social and sporting hub for the whole of the Broxburn cluster community, ensuring opportunities for all ages and backgrounds.
  5. To provide qualified staff to develop and deliver programmes to support the local community, working alongside partners and stakeholders.
  6. To provide a supportive environment for sports coaches to develop their skills and experience and where appropriate link and develop school Sports Leaders courses.
  7. To provide a fully accessible and inclusive community base supporting people from all backgrounds including these with mental and physical disabilities.
  8. To maintain and grow a facility that everyone who is involved with the Club can be proud of and be respected as leaders in Community Club development in Scotland.
  9. To provide a long term, fully self sustaining environment, ensure a long term community asset for the people of Broxburn.