Alive & Kickin is

The Alive & Kickin Invigor8 session included the most relaxed session we have ever had in over a year of the Programmes existence.

We welcomed Melanie Shinton from  for a session on Mindfulness.  

Mindfulness allows us to realise and release mental tension, as well as physical tension.  It helps us become aware of habitual patterns we have to thoughts and striving.  The person meditating also gets to view in greater context, their thoughts and we are able to live more freely within our mind and body.  This can then lead to feelings of peace and equanimity.  

We would like to thank Mel for her time, and our participants will look forward to a daily meditation!

If you would like to join Invigor8 next week, we are Indoor Kurling at Broxburn Sports Centre, from 2-3pm.  Cost is £2 and new participants are welcome.