More Opportunity to get Healthier with BUSC & Glow

At Broxburn United we are constantly looking to enhance what we offer to our community. Our latest partnership is with Glow, and we would like to offer you a

28 Day Summer Support Eating Plan.

Glow currently offer Fitness & Nutrition classes across the UK encouraging not a diet but a healthy lifestyle.

So….are you fed up trying to figure out what to eat….low fat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar.  Let BUSC and Glow guide you through 28 days of healthy eating.  You will receive an email every day for 28 days with tips, motivation and a daily menu suitable for the whole family.  This plan has already given fantastic results, see comments below.  The emphasis is not on weight loss but healthy eating and getting the balance right.

So would you like to make positive changes to the way you eat.   BUSC and Glow are preparing for the next 28 day plan starting on Monday 4th July.  The cost of the 28 day plan is only £28.  We are holding a registration evening on Thursday 23rd June, 7 – 8.30pm at The Albyn Park.

HALF PRICE OFFER – The first 30 people to register on the evening will pay only £14.

Below is feedback from our first group who have finished their "28 Day Summer Support".  Feedback has been incredible, everyone enjoyed the easy to follow recipes and loved the planning and preparation, which was definitely the key to success, weight losses ranged from 4 to 14 pounds, with many losing 7 pounds over the 4 weeks, not bad when you consider the emphasis was not on weight loss but feeling better. 

"It's been a great month for me personally ( apart from the wee viral thing I had) following the Glow plan.  As ever, thanks a million for your enthusiasm, help & support throughout - couldn't do without you

 Starting the day with hot lemon had a great effect! Felt energised, less bloated & ready to face the day ahead:-)) Found it really difficult to choose my top 3 recipes as the recipes throughout the 28 days were delicious (one that I was pleasantly surprised how good it was - sesame salmon with cauliflower rice wasn't expecting that to taste soo good!!)  Here goes:-

 Breakfast fav - apple pie porridge, lunch - chicken, pear & walnut salad & dinner - orange glazed salmon with white beans.  Not only easy to prepare but wonderful fresh ingredients, nutritious & tasty.

 It feels brilliant to have lost 4lbs   I loved the organisation & planning, using fresh produce / herbs etc  in choosing what I would eat from the plan.  I've realised I need this to control what I am eating, instead of picking & grazing on whatever was at hand. Found I am not snacking in between meals nearly as much - result!! Also, the boys trying & enjoying the food too

 One of the most exciting things going forward is that I've not tried a lot of the recipes so looking forward to trying them!

 "Thanks again for a wonderful plan - I'm glowing all over!! Sorry Jill, couldn't resist!!" 

"Thanks for the 28 glow days.  It made a diff.  I lost 5 lbs and my partner lost 9lbs. It was good to lose a bit before I went on a weekend away to the sunshine. So back home now and will get back to the glow recipes for the next holiday in July. Enjoyed a lot of the meals so still got some to go" 

And the quote of the month

"Jill, the work you have put into The Glow Summer Support, 28 day programme is commendable. It is so easy, delighted to have lost 14lbs, loving planning ahead and cooking from scratch. Eating without thinking low fat and calories, is so easy. Never felt hungry. Still enjoying life no feeling guilty when I have a night out. So easy to get back in the routine. Thanks Jx"

If you cant make our open day but would like to sign up, then please email by Wednesday 29th June.