BUSC would like to thank everyone who has so far supported the Bootbox initiative here in the club and in particular those who have either purchased boots or those who have donated boots.

Please note that this initiative will be ongoing and we will continue to seek support from members with this, whether it be in buying or selling.  The Bootbox itself is located in the reception area of the club.

Many of the boots that are handed in by you will not be re-used within the club but please rest assured that these are being put to good use including supporting local schools, disability schools and other members of our local community.

Your continued support with this is greatly appreciated and we would like to remind anyone who has some old boots that you can hand these in to the office to Aidan.  Also if you have any ideas on organisations/people that would benefit from this please let us know.  Finally please ensure boots are cleaned and are in a condition that they can be re-used before handing in.