BACFC Soccer School resumes

Soccer School resumes on

  1. Saturday 21 January - coaches and new coaches only
  2. Saturday 28 January - coaches, players and parents (everyone)

Both being held at Albyn Park, Broxburn.

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Saturday 21st January - coaches, including any new ones

This will be an inservice day from 8:45am to 10:30am.

All coaches to attend where we will go through the coming weeks topics.

There's also a little admin work.

Saturday 28th January - everyone

The usual start time of 9:00am, come along and register.  All parents are encouraged to stay for the full session and be involved.   The session will consist of:

  • introduction to the coaches
  • an interactive session showing the parents some of the features for the coming few weeks
  • what is expected of the players
  • the next steps for those born in 2010
  • how you can help

9:15am to 10:05am - the first part will be outdoors, with the coaches introduction and interactive session

10:05am to 10:45am - indoors covering the remaining aspects.  There will be time for questions and answers too.  Anything on your mind please feel free to ask.

Think you can help?

The Club is always looking for you and others to help.  There are many many ways you can do so and its not just coaching.  There much more to making the Club work.  If you're a good organiser, communicator, have experience with marketing or IT (and there is lots more) the Club will welcome your input. 

Volunteering is very rewarding and can open up new avenues for you and the club to explore, and at the same time you're benefiting the community.  Its a real win win.

So if you want to give it a go complete the volunteer application that at the bottom of this page and bring it along on 28 January.