Broxburn Athletic Colts festival for 2007s, 2008s, 2009s, 2010s and 2011s

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The 2018 Broxburn festival is open to registration!

This year’s event takes place in June and is open to SYFA age groups 2007s through to 2011s.  Held at one of the county’s premier clubs the games take place at Albyn Park in Broxburn.  The 3G gives the players' a superb playing surface to show off their skills and enjoy the beautiful game. 

  • Soccer 4s and soccer 5s will take place on astroturf.
  • Soccer 7s games will take place on both astroturf and grass at nearby Stewartfield Park.

Teams near and far are invited to take part and enjoy the game which will no doubt be bathed in the Scottish sunshine.  This year’s soccer 7s event aims to provide all teams with competitive and fun games.  The festival is trophy free and gives the players a platform to express their talent and enjoy the games.  Last year’s festival saw 500+ players have a cracking time and its game on for more of the same this year.  So come on, register your team and give the players a great time.


Broxburn United Sports Club, Albyn Park, off Greendykes Road, Broxburn EH52 5BP



  • £25 per team for soccer 4s and soccer 5s (max 6 players per team)
  • £60 per team for soccer 7s (max 10 players per team)

Payment options are online or bank transfer.  Payment details will be provided via once completing your application below.


  • 2007s - Saturday 16 June 
  • 2008s - Sunday 17 June
  • 2009s - Saturday 23 June
  • 2010s and 2011s - Sunday 24 June

Soccer 7s will have 3 ability groups with 6 teams in each, 5 games against those in your group.

Soccer 4s and soccer 5s will have a maximum of 25 teams - playing over 2 hours.  10 minute games with a 2 minute break.

Registering on the day

  • Soccer 7s before 9:00am for games starting 9:30am. 
  • Soccer 5s (2010s) register before 9:30am for games starting at 10:00am
  • Soccer 4s (2011s) will register at 12:30pm for games starting at 1:00pm.



Complete the form below to apply for the festival.  Once your payment is received this confirms your entry.  Additionally, in line with SYFA procedures a tournament permit is required.

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