Whats On In Room for All?

Since the completion and opening of our new Room for All at the beginning of this year, we are very quickly becoming a hive of activity, and a place for people to take part in lots of activities and fitness classes, in addition to Football.

We would like to share with you, all our evening opportunities, and highlight the available slots we have for additional classes.  If you know a fitness instructor, looking to deliver additional classes, then please share our post.  Or if you are interested in joining any of the sessions, please email Business Development Officer Leigh Lauder for more details

Our Room for All is a fantastic 130m2 area with a sprung floor and coloured mood lighting.  It is an ideal venue for Fitness Classes, Conferences, Parties and Dinners.

For further information on classes, costs, or to book your event please call Leigh on 01506 858057 or email l.lauder@busc.org.uk