Henderson Delivers.....

We were delighted to have received a range of football boots donated by ex Broxburn Colts player, Scottish Cup Winner and current Celtic player Liam Henderson to support the ongoing Bootbox. 

Normally as our members know we will sell any donated boots for £5 but these are a bit more special.  Below you can see the following boots used by not only Liam but a pair of match worn Patrick Roberts boots and a pair of match worn Jason Cummings boots.  The boots are not signed etc and are designed to be used as the purchaser sees fit.  So why not come down and get yourself a bargain, all boots shown below are priced AT ONLY £20.  Contact Aidan for more information on this on a.forbes@busc.org.uk

The boots below are as follows:

Liam Henderson - LH53 Adidas Boots, Size 8.5, New Balance Black, Size 8, Adidas 11Pros, Size 8.5

Patrick Roberts - Adidas Messi Boots, Size 8

Jason Cummings - Hypernovas, Size 7.5, EvoSpeeds, Size 7.5