BUSC's Walking Ambassadors Reduce Carbon

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Over the past few weeks, BUSC's coach James has been leading students from different schools throughout West Lothian on walking trips.

The purpose of these walking activities is to help the students see the benefits of walking such as boosting fitness and reducing carbon emissions. This also helps create a safer, greener environment.

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Pupils from Broxburn Academy, St. Nicholas and Kirkhill Primary School have walked 61.07 miles over an 8 week period. James has also taught them about history, geography, leadership and the environment as well as helping to build confidence in maintaining relationships with one another.


BUSC's Walking Ambassadors are now looking to help their schools reduce their footprint by encouraging people to walk or cycle to school instead of getting a lift in the car.

The aim is for each school to encourage the pupils to walk 500 miles each week. No Proclaimers jokes please!


This is fantastic stuff and we wish to commend James on his participation in these walking trips. If your child wishes to take part in these activities, all they have to do is ask!