BUSC's 2018 Holiday Camp Details

Holiday Camps 2018 Front Cover JPEG.JPG

BUSC would like to announce that spaces for our well-received holiday camps are now on offer!

These Multi Sport camps are designed to give children with a range of abilities the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques in a safe and engaging environment. The camps will be lead by qualified BUSC staff and volunteers.

The camps focus on a range of fun games and a wide range of different sports both team based and individual. We also encourage kids to embrace the free time aspect of the camp where kids can choose what activity/game to partake in the final hour of the session.

Dates and prices for the holiday camps are as follows:

Holiday Camps Dates.jpg

If you would like to receive any more information or raise any queries, please contact Aidan at a.forbes@busc.org.uk.