BUSC's Bootbox - Why We Do It

BUSC Bootbox.jpg

When you enter Albyn Park, you will notice a stack full of boots on your right in the main corridor.

This is our Bootbox, and we would like to take the time to explain why we believe in the Bootbox.

Our Bootbox provides access to cheap football boots for those children and their families who are unable to purchase boots themselves. It helps ease the burden of parents as prices continue to soar and children's bodies can change rapidly over time.

We accept donations of strips, boots and trainers from anyone who wishes to put something towards the Bootbox.

For those who wish to purchase from the Bootbox, a simple £5 donation is all that is required to obtain a pair of boots.

The £5 donation goes towards the local community as well as our Young Volunteers programme. Every two years our volunteers go on an outdoor adventure to the Outward Bound Trust in the Lake District - in conjunction with Comfort Rwanda - and send old football strips to those who were devastated by the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

If you would like to learn more about our Bootbox or to donate any belongings, please contact Aidan at a.forbes@busc.org.uk