Battle of the Bing on 29th July!


BUSC is pleased to announce that we are hosting the inaugural Battle of the Bing Cross Race on Sunday 29th July!

The Albyn has spoiled us rotten over the years and we have been granted full access of its footballing ground facilities. We will have full amenities, a huge shower and changing block as well as a fully stocked café throughout the day!

The race is open to both men and women from the age of 16 onwards, so long as you are part of the age boundaries on the day of the race (29th July). The price is £22.50 per rider and there are 200 entries available.

Please note that the deadline for entries in the BOTB is Sunday 22nd July and we will NOT be accepting any entries on the day of the race itself. Due to the grass roots nature of the event, cash flow is not huge and therefore we will be UNABLE to give refunds.

Cycling Day Out.jpg


As a special treat, the race format will be in two parts which mean you will receive two races for the price of one!

Children won't be ignored either, as two kids races will be held on the day and will be free to enter! Just turn up with your bike and helmet and you're good to go! Each race will be for 6-10 year olds AND 10-16 year olds.

All upcoming news will be posted on the BOTB Facebook page at

The times for the event are as follows:

  • Practice - 10:00 am
  • Heats - 11:00 am (40 mins + 1 lap)
  • Finals - 14:00 pm (55 mins + 1 lap)
  • Kids Races - 13:15 pm

Times are subject to change.

We hope to see you bouncing along the bings on 29th July!