BUSC Youth Group - Friends and Fun!

Big Dave's Gang.jpg

BUSC is proud to have organised and assembled a youth group comprised of local children to visit various areas of West Lothian.

Over the past two months the kids have been to the likes of Linlithgow Loch/Palace, Niddry Castle, Beecraigs and Almondell. The kids are allowed freedom to play, organise their own entertainment and encouraged to have as much fun as they possibly can.

We believe that it allows the children to become more independent, and in the process the children have made new friends, developed new found confidence in themselves, and have learned new skills such as cooking and photography.


The staff that work with and supervise the youth group are James, Aidan, David, Joseph, Ruaridih and Matt. Whilst James and Aidan are employees of the club, David, Joseph, Ruairdih and Matt are volunteers and we wish to thank them for taking the time to help out our youth group.

If your child wishes to come along and join in on the fun, all you have to do is contact James at j.pegg@busc.org.uk!